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Who Is Covenant of Grace Bible Church?

Covenant of Grace Bible Church is an elder-governed, independent assembly of believers with no denominational ties. We are an evangelical Bible church, which believes in the sole sufficiency of the Word of God to guide us in matters of faith and practice.  We also rejoice unapologetically in the sovereign grace of God which has granted to us repentance toward Him and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who alone is able to wash away our sins by His shed blood. Finally, we are a family of believers who have covenanted together for the purpose of glorifying God by pursuing Him through Christ Jesus as our greatest treasure and pleasure in life. To God be the glory forever and ever.

Those distinctives, which best describe us are listed below.

  • We are a Bible-believing, God fearing, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit empowered, reformed evangelical, non-charismatic, visitor-friendly church that emphasizes the authority, sufficiency, and necessity of the Bible for all of life.

  • Covenant of Grace Bible Church is a nondenominational Bible-believing and teaching church comprised of baptized believers whose passion is to glorify God by enjoying Him as our greatest treasure in this life.

  • We are a community of believers who accept the Bible in its entirety as the inspired, infallible, inerrant, and completely sufficient Word of God. Therefore, we place a very high premium on the clear, systematic, and accurate verse-by-verse exposition of the Scriptures as well as the power of a life given to applying these Scriptures.

  • We are a community of believers that desires to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others so that they too may find their complete satisfaction in Christ and experience His eternal and abundant life and then be added to our family as those who will be nurtured in their new faith in Christ.

  • We are a community of believers who believes God is sovereign, not only in and over the salvation of the lost but also in and over church growth. We believe God is the One who adds to the church those who are being saved (Acts 2:42). Therefore, we do not adhere to the Seeker-driven, church growth philosophy of ministry so prevalent in evangelical churches today. We believe the purpose of the weekly worship service is for the corporate worship of God and the edification of believers. While we are always glad to have unbelievers in our services, we will "not water down" or "dumb down" the content of our worship or our teaching to accommodate unbelievers. We also reject the "spirit of pragmatism" that has so permeated the contemporary church. We believe the standard of what honors and glorifies God is not best understood in terms of "what works" but rather, what is biblical.

  • We are a community of believers who are committed to aggressively pursuing missions in the East Mountains, New Mexico, and throughout the world so that God's Name will be made known and revered among the nations.

  • We, while very similar to many other protestant evangelical nondenominational churches, are also distinct from many in the sense that we are Calvinistic or Reformed in our understanding of the doctrine of salvation and in particular in our understanding of God's complete sovereignty in and over the salvation of man. By this, we mean that God, not man is the active agent in salvation. Furthermore, we mean that apart from God's gracious choice in eternity past and His Spirit's work of regeneration in giving a heart to desire God, no one would ever, of his own accord, come to Christ for salvation. We also profess our agreement with the great Reformation doctrines summarized by the well known sola's (Latin for "only" or "alone"): Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone); Sola Fide (Faith Alone); Sola Gratia (Grace Alone); Solus Christus (Christ Alone); and Soli Deo Gloria (For God's Glory Alone).

  • We, while being an autonomous and denominationally unaffiliated local church are not opposed to believers in other churches nor are we opposed to fellowshipping and cooperating with other doctrinally like-minded churches, whether they are denominational or nondenominational. We also acknowledge the oneness of all true believers in Christ Jesus, whether in doctrinal agreement with us or not.

  • We are a community of believers who are willing to risk our comforts, convenience, resources, and riches for the glory of Christ. We desire to see Him magnified regardless of the cost to us individually or corporately. Thus, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to live out our faith authentically and passionately for the glory of Christ and proclamation of His Name.